Why should I use a pool service company?

Many of us simply cannot afford the time it takes to maintain a pool on a regular schedule. Alta Sierra Pools will do the work and take the time to inspect the pool and the equipment for proper operation. If small parts are needed, they are obtained and installed on the next service date, saving you an inconvenient trip to the pool store. No need to lug home gallons of acid or chlorine and try to find a place to store them safely when not in use. We are experts, because we maintain pools for a living. Knowing what it takes to obtain the proper water chemistry is what we do daily. As with most things, consistency is critically important, and that is why we service your pool on the same day every week. We notice changes in the water balance and adjust the chemicals accordingly.

Do you do repairs and equipment replacement?

Alta Sierra Pools specializes in all areas of pool repairs and equipment replacement.

After swimming, I noticed my eyes were burning and itchy. Is there a problem with my water balance?

We recommend that you contact us so we can do a professional water analysis, as water balance can be a bit tricky. We can then recommend a treatment process that will get your pool back in tip-top condition.

Should I keep my pool sweep hooked up at all times?

Yes. It is recommended that your pool sweep stay connected all year so it is able to catch all leaves and debris.

I’ve noticed that I have been adding a lot of water to my pool. Do I have a leak?

Throughout the season, evaporation rates fluctuate, depending on temperature and humidity. Please call us so we are able to give you a few simple tests you can do on your own to determine if you have a leak, and where the possible leak may be coming from. If you suspect there is a leak, please call us to schedule an appointment.