Full Service


• To sanitize pool and maintain water balance
• To maintain filtration/circulation system in good operating order and keep the pool filter clean
• To keep pool water and pool surface clean

Services Provided:

1. Chemical Application Service
A. The following chemicals are tested and adjusted at no extra cost.
• Chlorine, pH, and Total Alkalinity (Weekly)
• Cyanuric Acid (Spring, summer & as needed)
• Calcium Hardness (Spring, early winter & as needed)

B. Pool water chemicals are applied with the weekly services to achieve:
• Pool water clarity
• Sanitation and control of bacteria in pool water
• Treatment of all types of algae (see note A)
• Maintenance of the proper pool water balance

Note A: Chemicals alone will not completely prevent algae growth. The filter must run daily, generally 8 hours during warmer months and 4 hours during winter. Regular cleaning and brushing of the pool, keeping the surrounding vegetation and/or dirt out of the pool, along with regular filter cleanings, phosphate treatments and daily filtration is essential in the prevention of algae. Phosphate and Stain Control treatments cost extra. Salt pools will be charged once a year for salt at end of rainy season.

2. Filter Maintenance Service
• Clean and empty all skimmer baskets weekly
• Clean filter pump basket weekly
• Empty automatic pool cleaner bags weekly
• Empty pool cleaner wall screen as needed
• Clean cartridge filters $75 additional cost
• Backwash D.E. filter every 6 to 8 weeks or more often if needed. Note: If filter needs to be disassembled and cleaned, the cost is $95.

3. Pool Cleaning Service
• Clean debris from pool water surface & leaves from pool bottom weekly (some leaves may be left on pool bottom), but adjustments to pool sweep and emptying of sweep bag should keep pool bottom free of leaves
• Brush pool walls and bottoms as needed (generally every 2 weeks)
• Brush pool tile every week
• Brush steps and swim outs as needed
• Vacuum pool as needed

Note B: During the early part of the fall/winter seasons, there are storms that will cause a large amount of leaves and other debris to fall in to the pool. At those times, all debris may not be completely removed during the regular service time. Please be assured that all of the leaves and other debris will be removed in the following weeks.

*Weekly service is provided 48 weeks per year. Thanksgiving and Christmas week’s service will not be provided in observance of the holiday season, as well as all other major holidays.

*** Waterborne contaminants can make you ill…don’t trust the health of your family to an amateur! ***